Upcoming Remix EP for “Unspoken Words”

We are happy to announce that we have finanalized the planned Remix EP for new Single “Unspoken Words” and the tracks and artwork have been transferred to our label 7music. The release is scheduled for May 29th, this is the according pre-save link: https://ffm.to/qdx3gvy

The Remix EP will feature 6 tracks which will cover different creative approaches and stylistic genres. The first Remix will be the “Hanseatic Dark Mix”, which is a new Synth-driven Mix which we produced ourselves. It tends a little more towards traditional Synthpop with slight futurepop blends and differs from the new Single Edit which shows a slightly rougher edge.

This new Mix will be followed by 4 Remixes which have been produced by very taletented Klaus Gratzel under his aliases SONI CODE, ROTOSKOP, MINDBEAT and KHIBOU. You might recognize these names from his former Remixes for “What are You waiting for?” released last year, as well as from his Remixes for Bands such as SONO, Rroyce and Torul. We once again are very happy to have collaborated with Klaus Gratzel on this release. We are sure to hear a lot more from this talented artist and producer in the near future! This is the link to ROTOSKOP profile on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rotoskop/

The Remix EP will conclude with a special highlight: Dor and Emma from British Synthpop band Promenade Cinema have produced a cinematic masterpiece which lets the Song shine in a totally new way. This version is rather a dark Synth ballad driven by a Piano, Strings and a Synth lead which lets You think of a soundtrack such as Blade Runner. A stunning Remix work. We are totally happy with the result and to have collaborated with them. Check out their website and latest Single “Cold Fashion”. We love their Music! https://promenadecinemaofficial.com/

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