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SEA OF SIN are a German Indie- / Synthpop Band that was originally founded in the 90s and reached considerable success in international Synthpop scene through their debut album “Watch Out!” and the “Illuminate EP” that had been produced by Heiko Maile, member  of German Synthpop pioneers CAMOUFLAGE.

After a long break SEA OF SIN caused a stir in 2018 with their long awaited comeback album FUTURE PULSE with various top 10 positions in the German Alternative Charts (DAC) and German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC). While this comeback album mostly consisted of re‐edits of older songs, SEA OF SIN 2019 started with completely new songs and a fantastic compilation of their best remixes in 2018 / 2019. And the wait was worth it.

The new album UNBROKEN shows the two founding members Frank Zwicker (vocals & words) and Klaus Schill (synths, guitars & production) musically more mature than ever. The songs on the new album have the classic SEA OF SIN ingredients: high‐quality electronic pop music with a penchant for melancholy and strong, catchy melodies that get stuck in the head and heart. Stylistically the spectrum ranges from mid‐tempo numbers with influences from classic 90s electropop to energetic songs that contain elements from indie bands such as New Order or The Editors. The distinctive and unmistakable voice of Frank and the sophisticated production handwriting of Klaus always ensure the special SEA OF SIN touch.

In week 18 in 2019 UNBROKEN entered the German Alternative Charts (DAC) album top 10 as the highest new entry at number 3 and was able to stay there for a total of eight weeks ‐ as highest position the album could even climb up to number 2, ahead of internationally successful acts such as Chemical Brothers, Iggy Pop, Gorillaz or Schiller.

On November 29th 2019, SEA OF SIN released THE REMIXES, an ingenious compilation of their best remixes from 2018/2019 with a total of 15 tracks and peppered with the fabulous work of internationally successful remixers such as Mesh, Paralyzed, Blume, The New Divison , Uncreated amongst others. THE REMIXES also includes a completely new song, the previously unreleased “Only The Memory Remains”

The year 2020 in a nutshell: all plans to focus on playing live this year had been crashed by the worldwide pandemic. But Frank and Klaus did not loose their spirit in Music, but released more Music than ever before. The Singles “Unspoken Words”, “Floating Away”, “Turn Back Time” and “Immaculate” were all released accompanied by great Remixes of artists such as Mesh (UK), Nite (US), Man Without Country (UK), Covered in Snow (SWE) and many more.

All these great collaborations of 2020 have now been released as Remix-Compilation “The Remixes II”, on all relevant Digital Platforms as well as on CD on March 19th 2021:

In week 17 “The Remixes II” climbed on No.1 of German Alternative Charts (DAC) –  a great success and welldeserved reward for all the efforts of 2020. Big shoutout to all remixers & Artists involved!

 For everyone who is into Music Videos: this is the Video the Band produced for their Single “You” back in 2019. A new Video was in the making in 2020 – the production yet had to be stopped due to the pandemic. Let’s all hope for a brighter 2nd half year 2021!

 The overall aim after the comeback is to make the music of SEA OF SIN accessible to a broader audience, as the new songs have significantly more Iniepop appeal and much higher hit potential beyond the underground scene.


Klaus Schill: Synths, Guitars, Music Production
Frank Zwicker:  Vocals & Words


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Lukas von Saint-George

Tel.: +49 (0) 176 800 55 962

In the Press

Sea of Sin’s latest songs have received stunning reviews by music critics around the world from a plethora of webzines. Check out a selection here:

SEA OF SIN mit neuer Remix Compilation

...2018 und 2019 erschienen die Alben Future Pulse und Unbroken – und verschiedene Stücke des letztgenannten Werkes stehen im Fokus der aktuellen Veröffentlichung The Remixes II, die nun frisch auf den Markt gekommen ist...Komplettisten unter den Fans dürfen sich über bislang auf CD noch unveröffentlichte neue Edits von Turn Back Time, Floating Away und Naked freuen

Review: Sea Of Sin „The Remixes II“

...Was macht eine Band, wenn sie seit über einem Jahr nicht live auftreten kann? Genau: Sie haut online einen Track nach dem anderen raus. So hat sich Sea Of Sin, das Indie Electro-Duo aus Baden-Württemberg und Hamburg, die Zeit während der Pandemie vertrieben. Jetzt erscheint der geballte Output als Remix-Sammlung auf CD. Und die geplante Tour ist erstmal verschoben....

Sea Of Sin – The Remixes (A Fine Selection)

“German synth-pop duo Sea Of Sin were mainly active during the 90s, but struck back during the past few years, re-releasing their earlier work plus a new opus entitled “Unbroken” in 2019. Several EP’s were released as well. This new EP is a fine selection from the remixes that were originally released on these EP’s, but some little extras.”

SEA OF SIN – The Remixes (CD)

” Die große Sammlung ihrer besten Songs aus der Dekade ist seit Ende 2019 erhältlich und steht gleich nach der Präsentation in den German Electronic Web Charts auf Platz 5, was natürlich schon mal ein sensationeller Erfolg ist.”

SEA OF SIN – Sie sind wieder da!

“UNBROKEN ist unter anderen Charteinstiegen auf Anhieb auf Platz 2 der Deuteschen Alternative Charts (DAC) gelandet. Damit wurdenTop Acts wie Chemical Brothers überholt.”

SEA OF SIN – Unbroken (Review)

“Fast 20 Jahre war es still um das Duo aus Hamburg, aber nun gibt es das große Comeback. Sea of Sin haben mit Unbroken ein Werk mit 14 Synth-Pop Perlen herausgebracht, welches Seinesgleichen sucht.”

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