In 2022 SEA OF SIN have kept the momentum high and they released several new singles and remixes on digital platforms. First single “Synchronize” once more made it to No.1 in Deutsche Alternative Charts(DAC). Throughout the year the band recorded and produced a total of five new songs. These songs will further shape the great development of the band and maintain the core ingredients that shape their sound DNA: melancholic and atmospheric Indiepop songs with catchy hooklines that are driven by synthesizer soundscapes and electric guitar lines – the best ingredients of Synthpop and New Wave of the 80s and 90s – including modern influences of bands such as Editors or New Order. Once more the band was able to hire very well known international acts to contribute and produce remixes of the new songs: ZOOT WOMAN, THE KVB, THE NEW DIVISION, ASHBURY HEIGHTS and ZYNIC. All these singles and remixes have been released APR 2023 as new album „Tired of Chasing Ghosts“ both on CD and digital – including the non-released song “Empty Places” and ROTOSKOP’s remix of “Don’t Let Go”.
Release year: 2023
Track Count: 11 song(s)
Album Length: 00:43:44
Genre: Electropop - Synth Pop - New Wave

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