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“… Sea of Sin has risen to become an influential synth pop band in Germany and the international music scene. The band has grabbed the attention of international fans and music streams are consistently on the rise. The most recent publication has captured artists at the height of their creative power…”

German Synthpop Band SEA OF SIN caused a stir with their long awaited comeback. Latest album UNBROKEN reached Top3 in German Alternative Charts (DAC) and German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC).

Sea of Sin

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If you are interested in a performance of German Synth/Indiepop Band SEA OF SIN for your venue or concert, contact us today: We will gladly put together a great and exciting show for your upcoming event. Due to schedule restrictions, we kindly ask you to book well in advance! You can use our convenient booking form to send us enquiries. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!
Booking Contact: Lukas von Saint-George / +49(0) 176 800 55 962

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