New Remix Compilation “The Remixes II” (CD/Digital)

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of our new Compilation “The Remixes II”. We made the best of the pandemic crisis in 2020 and released more music than ever before – especially a lot of Remixes through collaborations with many great artists from around the globe. We have gathered a total of 17 tracks with a playing time of more than 75 minutes which will be released on CD on March 19th – Digital Release will follow one week later on March 26th!

The CD can be pre-ordered via webshop poponaut or on amazon:

Pre-Save on Digital Platforms here:​

In order to give you an idea lof all the featured tracks we peoduced a Promotion Video which will play short extracts of all Remixes. As a SPECIAL BONUS we asked the Artists & Remixers involved to send us short Videos in which they talk about their work, their creative approach and the thoughts about their Remix. So in the end we have gathered 8 Video features by other artists, including (in running order including link to Spotify Profile) in this Youtube Video below:

Rob Dust
– Gary Watts (Nature of Wires)
– Richard Silverthorn (Mesh)
– Mikael Engström (Covered in Snow)
– Andrew Montgomery (Unify Separate)
– Myles & Kyle Mendes (Nite)
– Emma Barson & Dorian Gramm (Promenade Cinema)

Tracklisting “The Remixes II”:

1Naked (Single Edit)03:48
2Immaculate (Rob Dust Remix)04:13
3Immaculate (Man without Country Remix)04:00
4Immaculate (Nature of Wires Remix)04:23
5Turn Back Time (Single Edit)04:06
6Turn Back Time (Mesh Remix)03:44
7Turn Back Time (Covered in Snow Remix)03:39
8Floating Away (Radio Edit) ft. Andrew Montgomery04:06
9Floating Away (Paralyzed Remix)04:36
10Floating Away (Nite Remix)03:40
11Floating Away (Blume Remix)04:12
12Unspoken Words (Hanseatic Dark Mix)04:13
13Unspoken Words (Soni Code Remix)05:54
14Unspoken Words (Mindbeat Remix)04:55
15Unspoken Words (Rotoskop Remix)06:43
16Valentine (Crashed Wires Mix)03:30
17Unspoken Words (Promenade Cinema Remix)05:17

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