It’s been a crazy year – time to look back on 2022!

We think we can all agree that 2022 has been another crazy year with a lot of terrible things going on around the globe. But as in previous years we have managed to channel all emotions into hard work and producing and releasing more Music in 2022. Over the course of the year we have released a total of 3 Singles and 4 Remixescollaborating with great artists The KVB, Zoot Woman, Ashbury Heights and The New Division. First Single “Synchronize” made it to No.1 in Deutsche Alternative Charts (see previous news article).

Moreover it meant the world to us that we have finally been able to enter stages again perfoming Live in September and October after such a long time off. So it’s time for a BIG THANK YOU to all our fans and supporters who made this possible! In the following we will share some thoughts and insights about 2nd half year 2022 covering the most important moments and experiences.

Second half of 2022 kicked off with the release of Zoot Woman’s Remix of “Synchronize” on July 22nd. We have been huge fans of Zoot Woman’s work since the release of their great debut “Living in a Magazine” and worldwide hits such as “It’s Automatic”, “Taken it all” or “Lonely by Your Side”. Adam and Johnny Blake managed to turn “Synchronize” into a catchy uptempo Electropop track with all ingrdients that define their distinct sound.

Band picture (c) Zoot Woman

With second Single in 2022 named “High and Low” we decided to adjust our release strategy according to the mood of the Single and more importantly of the Remix by Ashbury Heights. The Single has a rather dark and tense mood whereas the Remix perfectly fits late Summer nights – that’s why we decided to release the Remix in August and the Single Edit afterwards in September.

Band picture (c) Ashbury Heights

Third Single “Shine a Light” has been released in October – reflecting a much more positive and brighter mood and soundscape than previous Single. And once more we were able to find a perfect Remix artist for the track: John Kunkel produced a driving 80s sytle Synthwave Version of the track co-released under his acclaimed project The New Division.

Band picture (c) The New Division

It’s really been a productive year again concerning Music releases – we were able to keep momentum high.

You can listen to our Music on all relevant platforms – click on the link below. Please hit the follow button on our channels if You haven’t done yet – this helps us a lot as Independant artists. Many thanks!

To be honest: our most emotional moments have been on stage in 2022! Due to the pandemic all our recent plans in previous years were crushed like for so many other artists and bands over the world. Which made it even more special and outstanding when we finally had the chance to perform Live again in September 2022.

Our first gig after the long break took place at Subkultur, Hannover on September 2nd were we supported the great Torul from Slovenia and local band Beyond Border. What a great time we had on stage! Luckily we were able to play two more shows in September (Maria’s Ballroom, Hamburg – supporting Leichtmatrose) and in October (Nowhereland festival Wuppertal together with Johnny Tupolev and our good friend Rotoskop).

Clearly our main gloal for 2023 will stay to play more Live shows – and releasing a new album for sure! Stay tuned!

Below are some photos of the shows that capture these great moments for us:

(c) Matthias Joswig

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