Digital Re-Release of “Urban Chemistry”

We are happy to announce the official Digital re-release of our album “Urban Chemistry” through our label 7music. The album will be available on all Digital platforms and streaming services. Link to landing page:

“Urban Chemistry” has originally been released in 2000 as a ‘Best of’ collection of the previous years which have been a constant up and down for us as a band. The album consists of 12 songs from the debut album “Watch Out!” (1995) and the EP “Illuminate” (1997). So we are taking a look back into a time more than 20 years ago!

Picture: SEA OF SIN

What makes this release special is that these songs were the basis for our comeback in 2018 when we released “Future Pulse” consisting of totally reworked versions of those songs including “I Live My Life”, “Truth” or “Deep Inside”. We were able to use the original Vocal recordings stored on old ADAT tapes – luckily the old machines were still available 2nd hand for a small budget. These recordings were transferred to the DAW we use in our Studio – Presonus Studio One – and the Songs have been rebuilt from scratch, that was great fun.

Nevertheless we still worship the original versions a lot as they are a great part of our band history and have helped shape the SEA OF SIN sound and history. Moreover “Urban Chemistry” features the Songs “Illuminate”, “Sin.cerity”, “I’ll be there” and “Save our Souls” which have been produced by Heiko Maile of famous and iconic German Synthpop band CAMOUFLAGE (“The Great Commandment”, “Love Is A Shield” etc.). He also owns 50% of the publishing rights of these recordings – so thanks a lot to Heiko for making this possible! Today he is a very successful producer for big TV shows and cinema movies.


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