What it actually means to work 100% as independent artist

It’s been quite a journey as a band with a lot of highs and lows these past 30 years. Since the comeback in 2018 after the long hiatus, we (Frank and Klaus) have put a lot of effort, passion and countless hours in re-establishing SEA OF SIN to the point we have reached today. So it feels a right moment to reflect on all the accomplishments realised to date.

To get back to the headline: what does it actually mean to work 100% as an independent artist?
You can summarize it briefly as follows:
– all related jobs and tasks which are normally handled by Music Labels (including Digital and physical Distribution)
Social Media & Marketing tasks (including Website & Content Management and hosting)
Live Booking and tour management including all Merchandising
– as well as all Songwriting and Music Production tasks

Sure there are some helping hands here and there who are totally appreciated – but in the end it is up to us alone how things will turn out for us as a band in the end. With all the positive and negative aspects included.

So where do we actually stand as band at this day and age – end of June 2024?

Music distribution / metrics etc.:

Our Music is available on all relevant platforms including Spotify, itunes/Apple Music, Amazon Streaming, Deezer, youtube etc. On Spotify alone we have gathered more than 1.5m Streams overall to date – including all Remix collaborations (and not falling for cheap PR trickery and bot driven streams). which is a huge success for us given the above mentioned circumstances! And we have shot two official Music videos (“You” and “High and Low”) that are available on our Youtube channel.

With all that content and music we published we were able to gather more than 8k followers on Facebook, 1.1k on Instagram and 1.5k followers on Youtube – this may not seem a lot but it actually is a great success for us. Every now and then we are a little surprised when we hear newer and younger bands complaining about things being tough and that steps can be tiny – but there are no short cuts on this road!

Collaborations & networking:

Throughout the last couple of years we have worked and collaborated with great artists such as ANNE CLARK (thanks to Lukas for making that possible), CAMOUFLAGE, MESH, ZOOT WOMAN, THE KVB, THE NEW DIVISION, ZYNIC – to name a few which really helped to establish our brand as a band.

Getting back on stages & performing Live:

End of 2022 we started playing live shows again. Until now we realised to be special guest of DIARY OF DREAMS on their German tour in 2023, opened shows for amazing bands such as COVENANT, DIORAMA, FORCED TO MODE and PSYCHE and played festivals like DARK RUSH 2024 in Berlin. Which also helped a lot to raise awareness for the band.

So – what’s the essence of all that?
We are really happy and thankful – and to some extend proud – about all the things we were able to achieve over the last couple of years. Some things might not be a 100% perfectly handled compared to bigger artsts – yet be assured we do our utmost to do things the best we can working as a 100% indepenedent artist!

MANY THANKS to everybody who supported us all those years – WITHOUT YOU THIS ALL WOULD MEAN NOTHING!!

All relevant links to our platforms are gathered here: https://ffm.bio/seaofsin-official

You can read a short summary of our 30years anniversary tour 2024 here: https://seaofsin-official.com/current/we-had-a-blast-on-our-anniversary-tour-so-far/

Header picture by Daniela Vorndran / www.black-cat-net.de

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