New Radio Edit of “Floating Away” ft. Andrew Montgomery following latest Remix EP
Written by Klaus Schill

New “Floating Away” REMIX EP ft. NITE, Paralyzed and BLUME has been released July 24th and is available on all Digital platforms – as listed here in our MUSIC section: https://seaofsin-official.com/albums/floating-away-the-remixes/

We are happy to announce that we have also released the new Radio Edit of “Floating Away” feauturing the great Andrew Montgomery on backing vocals. Andrew is the former Singer of 90s Britpop Band Geneva and current band US from Sweden. The Song is available on all relevant platforms: https://ffm.to/a8o502n

Geneva on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0JCU68oTkT4BWB2pRO5JBv?si=c7CyvoUYRPyTksZ5p3bfIA
US on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7f2N8l3NZ8zGfaw0oPQuCZ?si=yAP4ewRtTh6xnH4Ue84w2g

Andrew’s Voice adds up perfectly with Franks Vocals and complements the overall sound of the Song. The Song gains in atmosphere and expression and finally claims its mark as a future classic Synthpop Hit bringing back the vibe of early 80s Synthpop and New Wave and transferring it into the 21st century!

Source: Andrew Montgomery

As for the previous releases we once again produced a self-shot Music Video for the Radio Edit:

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