Another great Remix ahead – this time by Swedish Synthpop duo Covered in Snow

We are happy to announce that on October 23th 2020, we will be releasing a new Remix of “Turn Back Time” produced by COVERED IN SNOW from Stockholm, Sweden! We have been reaching out to talented bands and artists around the world the last two years to come up with great Music collaborations – that’s a vital part of being an Indepedant artist these days. After stumbling over their Music on Spotify we were sure from the start we had to get in touch with Tom Hedlund and Mikael Engström. And we agreed very soon that “Turn Back Time” would be the perfect Song to give to them to work on as a Remix. The result is really awesome – a cool and atmospheric Electropop tune with a much deeper vibe than the original Single Edit. You can pre-save the Song via following link:

We have asked Tom and Mikael to give us some insight on the production process and how they finally came up with this really cool Remix:

“When we received this opportunity we discussed the different ways we could take the remix. It ended up in us wanting to take the song in a radically different direction than the original and decided to take it closer to the music we usually produce to introduce some Covered in Snow feeling to it. We started by reharmonizing the tune into minor keys and pitch shift the melody to fit the new mode. We recently got into modular synthesis and was very keen on trying out the shiny gear so from there we tracked a few drafts on a Digitakt, a small Euro Rack system, and a Mother-32. From here we took the drafts to our DAW and started to set the form for the song, we also added some of Mikaels vocals to set that Covered in Snow feeling. When the basic ideas were done we wanted to emphasize the dark mode we ended up with and came up with the idea to introduce female vocals to put the lyrics in a clearer ‘break up perspective’, so we started digging samples until we found just that. We very much enjoyed the process of working with someone else’s material (first time for us). We enjoyed the exploration of hardware and are very happy with the end result. We hope you like it too!”

We couldn’t be happier with the Remix – great job by Tom & Mikael! Please check out their Music and support them – they deserve much more attention!

Picture: Covered in Snow

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